Public Relations. Branding. Event Planning


Public Relations. Branding. Event planning

AZ Media Agency implements targeted communication campaigns for both private and public sector clients. We integrate branding with the client’s political, economic and business strategy.

Country Branding

Our added value lies in our extensive expertise in marketing emerging markets.

Our team of consultants and industry-experts has developed a range of services to overcome the inaccurate (or shortage of) information the world receives from frontier market opportunities. We have expertise in winning synergies by managing a country “brand” successfully and our PR campaigns focus on increasing tourism, exports and foreign investments, and on improving a country’s reputation, media interest and appeal.


We bring the African capital markets story to institutional and other investors in key markets such as New York, London and Johannesburg/Cape Town. Working in partnership with African Growth Partners Ltd, a leading consultancy on African capital markets, we assist with roadshows, strategic dialogue, and communications both for the market institutions and for leading issuers wishing to take their investor relations onto the doorstep of big “buy side” institutions.

Political Branding

AZ Media Agency has a dedicated department led by senior political consultants who provide top-notch confidential services. We work closely with you to build your leader profile, craft the key messages of your program, implement innovative political campaigns and strengthen your relationships with key constituencies.

We have only one goal: to make you win because AZ Media believes it is time for the new generation of leaders to make their countries and companies strong and influential on a global scale. It is time to pave the way to prosperity.


“Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gain.”

- Thomas Jefferson