About us


Seamlessly connecting your organization to audiences at home and abroad


Headquartered in New York City, A-Z Media Communications is a media relations, PR, branding, and content creation agency with an international flair and a global reach – a competitive edge that is amplified by our fluency in English and French.


Our story

Former media executive Aziza Albou founded A-Z Media Communications in 2015 with a deep-seated passion to nurture a more balanced and accurate image of emerging economies in the US and other developed markets. The agency’s first series of projects, therefore, revolved around providing advisory services in English and French for both business and political clients with ties to Africa and the US!

Our growth

As we grew, we expanded our reach, portfolio, client-base, and focus area to include clients regardless of their geographical location. Over time, we have developed and implemented successful PR and communications campaigns for businesses in the greater New York region as well as organizations in Montreal, London and other key economic markets.


Our purpose

Our aspiration and “raison d’être” has remained the same: to build bridges and foster lasting relationships between and within countries, continents, companies, and public organizations – and their respective audiences. This resonates across everything we do.

Our specificity

We are a diverse team of former media executives and senior communication professionals who know the world of communications inside out. Our cross-cultural backgrounds and rich international business expertise in the English and French speaking parts of the world further ensures you are working with a team that is in attuned to the cultural and language intricacies that thinking globally and acting locally requires.