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Capital Market Clients

We help you tell your capital market story to institutional investors and other key stakeholders in New York, London, Johannesburg and other prominent markets around the world. Our team specializes in organizing investment roadshows, roundtables, and strategic dialogues whilst developing relevant communications strategies in English and French to take your investor relations to the next level – and onto the doorstep of big “buy side” institutions.

Energy & Natural Resources

Since our launch in 2015, we have assisted dozens of local, regional, and global energy and natural resources players with powerful communications campaigns and media strategies. Our extensive expertise in business-to-business communication aided by a vast contact network and our team’s fluency in English and French has allowed us to engage directly with any niche audience, delivering them tailored, consistent information with a maximum impact.


Emerging & Frontier Markets

Besides clients in established markets, we help clients in emerging frontier regions to gain traction amongst key audiences, build bridges between them and their stakeholders in the established North, and boost their corporate/country identities to increase exports, investment, profits, revenues. We specialize in enhancing corporate identities and country reputations, assisting your organization – public or private – to grow and expand its horizons for a lasting impact.

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